Deep Rooted Woman

Handmade Jewelry & Anointing Oils Infused with Sacred Energy Healing & Love to Awaken, Align and Restore You

Through meditation, the Higher Self is experienced.
— Bhagavad Gita

The Idea

I created Deep Rooted Woman from a Desire.

A Desire to Create Gorgeous, Unique, High Quality Malas & Essential Oil Blends Embedded with Healing Alignments to Help You Create The Life You Want !

Having been in the entertainment industry for 27 years and creating a gift box business, a top selling organic candle line, and a cosmetic line I got to see first handed what was missing & what was needed !

I pulled all my knowledge together and Deep Rooted Woman was born launching my line of Handmade Malas and Essential Oil Blends

All my products are made by hand by me  ( and with love)  infused with healing alignments and bathed under the  moon .

Style & Quality

Using Malas changed my life, it put me in alignment with my dreams so that I could let them in and create real change.

This created a desire to create a line of high quality hand made Malas so that others can experience this incredible life changing tool.

I spend hours hand picking gemstones, charms and creating my essential oils blends  to ensure my clients have a gorgeous piece that will give them pleasure and create deep healing. Each Mala and crystal used in my oils are bathed under the moon and embedded with healing alignments.

My biggest dream is that every person who touches my Malas & Oils remembers their magick and creates the life they dream about!  xo Alison




Some Love


" Since I've been using my two hand Malas in my morning meditation, money has started FLOWING!"     ~ Robin Foley

"I swear this woman is pure magic!!!!! Please check out @deeprootedwoman! Her handcrafted,one of kind Malas and essential oils are divine! Thank you Alison Sherwood " Karina Del Pezo

" My beautiful Mala arrived and it’s power is visibly working; it seems I have a new home after waiting for 18 months " ~ ‎  Lee-ann Begbie

"I adore my precious hand mala that provides inspiration and support on my path. I keep it within arm’s reach at my desk and I find it calls out to me at moments when I need grounding and comfort. And sometimes I just whisk it up and carry it around the place with me when I’m feeling my mojo. The Angels and the Key epitomize my personal spiritual path. I do believe Alison Sherwood, who created this gem, has a direct connection to my heart. ❤️. (Maybe to yours too.)"  ~ Nancy Key

"It is impossible for me to capture the beauty of this Abundance Mala on camera that was created for me by Alison Sherwood. When I hold it in my hand the tingles are CRAZY! Alison not only crafts these powerful pieces but she packages them so beautifully and with so much love. My box exploded with rose buds, rose petals, and all kinds of yummy goodies I wasn’t expecting. Her oil blends are gorgeous. I’ve actually been playing with my Mala as a pendulum and I love it so much. Thank you Alison for sending me so much beauty and magic and love. 🙏🏻♥️"  ~ Keeli Smith

"Eeeeek, I'm so excited my abundance hand mala ritual set arrived!!!! Alison you have outdone yourself once again, the magic is out of this world!!! Thank you thank you xoxo"  ~ Elysia Hartzell

"My beautiful order arrived tonight from Alison Sherwood at Deep Rooted Apothecary! Much Love & Gratitude! 💕☀️🌙 ~ Jennifer Wagner Martel

"Thank you, Alison Sherwood for your beautiful Mala creations! I love chanting with this beauty. 🙏" ~Kristin Clark Haas

"Alison is magical! I am obsessed with her Malas and oils! I chant and meditate with them everyday! They protect me and give me peaceful energy! Alison’s women’s circles is most magic thing! It’s so healing and you get to make your own Mala! I am so grateful to have you in my life! ~  Rui Dolen

"So amazing to receive this beauty ! Thanks Alison Sherwood! Your magic 💫🌟💫"  ~ Melinda Richard

"I bought this beauty as a birthday gift to me. My friend (Alison Sherwood) handmade it. Isn't she Beautiful? Thank you Alison for everything you sent with her, to remind me that I Am Love and I Am to be Loved! <3 "Sandy McCormick 

Thank you for my Mala, she is lovely. She has helped me step into my own personal power of abundance. Alison Sherwood, forever grateful✨🌀💕         ~ Lucy Andrade