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Handmade Jewelry & Anointing Oils Infused with Sacred Energy Healing & Love to Awaken, Align and Restore You

Frequently Asked Questions

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All my Malas are made by hand with love by me, bathed under Mama Moon then embedded with Reiki & Sacred Healing to be in alignment with you and your intentions. 

  Your piece will be made when ordered. So please allow 7-14 business days for me to create it for you. 

If you need it sooner, please send me an email ( on the contact page) and I will do my best to accommodate your timeline xo

** Some beads and charms may be slightly different than the pictures due to availability.

How to use your Mala : 

When you first see your new Mala, hold her in your hands at your heart center and think about your intention for this Mala.

Give it time until you feel a bit of energy in your hands connecting to this Mala, then bring it to your mouth and whisper your intention into your Mala,. This gives her life and aligns her to your intention  


This process is different for everyone but often people feel a tingling or warmth but no matter what, trust your intuition!

During meditation, hold each bead between your thumb and middle finger while chanting your Mantra. Never use the index finger.  

A traditional Mala contains  108 + 1 Guru bead.  I have found doing 27 chants per Mala works perfectly and has changed my life ! I use different Hand Malas for different chants and intentions. 

If you want to do the traditional 108 chant, simply turn your Mala around 4 times .

I use spacer beads in my Malas, you can skip over those or use the spacers as a moment of mindfulness, fully feeling your intention connecting to the Mala. Then move to the next gemstone and continue chanting.

Your mala is not only a sacred tool, but also takes on the divine energetic charge of the mantra you are using, so take your time and constancy is key! You can also use an anointing oil to set in the scent of your intention. 

How to care for your Mala :

Gemstones, metals, silk and elastic thread, can be affected by liquids and moisture, so please store your Malas in a safe, dry place when not wearing them.

All of my Malas and Oils are embedded with deep spiritual properties, so I recommend placing them in a sacred space when not using them such as an altar or a space that is special to you. ** If you carry them with you, please keep them in the pouch they came in

Everything is made by hand by me ( with lots of love ) so please treat them with love and store them in a safe place.

They are not made to be worn working out or in the shower. So please, do not get them wet! Don’t over stretch the elastic Malas, to much tension can cause the elastic band to break. 

Treat them with love and care and they should last for years. 

My Malas are not meant to be cleaned except to sit in the full moon energy, just wear them, chant with them, travel with them and enjoy!

*** It’s natural for the threads and elastic of your Mala to loosen and weaken over time and sometimes it may even break. I know just how heart breaking this can be however, it’s often a sign that you've gotten what you need from your Mala. This can be seen as a big breakthrough and transformation, that your Mala has completed it’s energetic job it was created to do. It’s also been said that this symbolizes spiritual growth !

So, here are some ideas what to do with your Mala if it breaks after wearing it for a while.

1. Put it on your altar to remind you of the accomplishments you’ve made

 2. Use the beads in a sacred candle

 3. Buy a new Mala to CELEBRATE & bring in the new 

Return & Exchange Policies

Custom Orders:

 Deep Rooted Woman / Soulful Mind & Body Inc. cannot accept any returns or exchanges on custom order pieces ( unless they are damaged upon arrival)  due to the purity and energetic qualities of the materials used If it is faulty it can be exchanged

 Pieces that are not custom orders:

Any faulty pieces that have not been worn can be exchanged within fourteen (14) days from date of delivery. Please provide me with details and once approved I will issue you a credit for the full amount of the item towards future purchase or a replacement.

*** Please include all original packaging. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer and must include a tracking number.

 I take great care in creating my Malas, however, if your piece breaks within the first 30 days after purchase I will be happy to restring it for you at no charge as long as you ship it back to me within that time.  

* You must pay shipping costs



Pieces that are damaged as a result of wear and tear are not considered to be faulty. 


Pieces are considered faulty if they were received broken, or where there is a defect in the piece within 14 days from date of delivery. 


I will be happy to repair faulty pieces or you can exchange your piece for the same product in the same size.


* Subject to availability. 



xo Alison