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Triple Goddess Archetypes: The Maiden

Alison Sherwood

The Triple Goddess reflects three archetypes: the maiden, the mother, and the crone. The Triple Goddess reflects all integral aspects of life: birth, growth/life, and death/transformation. These correspond with the overarching stages of a woman's life: entering young womanhood (Maiden), birthing babies and/or creations and becoming a mother (Mother), and settling into your wisdom and entering menopause (Crone). The next three blog posts will dedicated to exploring each of these three archetypes in depth, beginning with Maiden.

The Maiden is the energy of pleasure, passion, play and joy. She is curiosity and exploration, romping through a field of sunflowers and lavender, sneaking kisses and bursting out in roaring laughter. The Maiden is fresh starts, new beginnings, and the start of an initiation.

The focus of the Maiden is self-awareness, understanding, and exploration. When we are in the Maiden phase of our lives, our energies are put towards developing our strengths, learning new things, and exploring our interests. The Maiden archetype is associated with the waxing moon, as she is the building, active, exploitative energy that eventually leads to the peak of fertility (the full moon/mother archetype). She is ruled by the element of air and corresponds to the season Spring

Although we do progress on a macro scale from Maiden, to Mother, to Crone throughout our lifetime, we may go through smaller Triple Goddess Cycles as well. For example, perhaps you are about to embark on a creative project. You may embody the Maiden when dreaming up the idea and exploring the possibilities, the Mother when you are doing the actual work of creation, and the Crone when you sit back and reflect upon the journey and pass along the wisdom you learned to others. You can also call upon any of the three archetypes whenever you desire, to bring their unique gifts and energies into your life.

The Greek Goddess of spring, Persephone, is an archetypal Maiden Goddess. She rules over spring alongside her mother Demeter (an archetypal Mother goddess!), and is known for her beauty and vitality. Diana, the Roman Goddess of the hunt, is another archetypal Maiden Goddess. She spends her time roaming the woods with her silver bow, exploring and watching over the animals. She embodies independence, self-determination, intention, and action.

Both herbs and crystals can be beautiful ways to connect with the Maiden archetype. The herbs associated with the Maiden are: lavender, mint, lily, dandelion, yarrow, calendula, thyme, daisy, pink rosebuds, raspberry leaf, vitex, lemon verbena, hibiscus, linden flower, as well as any other flowering herb. Try brewing any of these herbs as a tea (see the recipe below) or wearing them as perfume in the form of a hydrosol or essential oil.

Maiden Goddess tea blend: Mix equal parts dried raspberry leaf, pink rose buds, rosehips, hibiscus, and lavender to make the tea blend. Steep 1-2 tbsp of the blend in hot water for 5 minutes, and allow the sweet flowering scent to connect you with the energy of the Maiden.

The crystals associated with the maiden are rose quartz, blue kyanite, emerald, green tourmaline, citrine, carnelian, rhodochrosite, silver, and clear quartz. Try carrying these around with you, placing them on your altar, or wearing them as jewelry to connect with Maiden energy.

We honor the Maiden archetype whenever we celebrate new beginnings, independence, play for the sake of play. A few other ways to connect with Maiden energy are: create a playful or pleasurable morning ritual (the morning is ruled by the Maiden); inject play and pleasure into your day (think fresh flowers, sweet perfumes, afternoon treats, and spontaneous dance parties); get curious and explore your interests through books, podcasts, and documentaries; and finally, go on a small solo adventure to reconnect with your independence and sense of adventure.

The Maiden is where we all start. Though she may be innocent and by some measures naive, it is exactly that that leads her to the places she needs to go in order to become the mother. The Maiden is hopeful and trusting. Many want to rush out of the Maiden phase, but it's important. It is where we build and explore and develop. It is the start of a very beautiful, very sacred journey.

How to Celebrate Beltane, a cacophony of fertility, love, sensuality, warmth, and play.

Alison Sherwood

One of my favorite celebrations is occurring this week, Beltane!

Beltane, also known as May Day, is a Celtic Sabbat that occurs on May first. It is a cacophony of fertility, love, sensuality, warmth, and play. Think Aphrodite, bouquets of pink roses and lush peonies, sweet honey fresh from the hive, silk tank tops, and evenings spent outside under the first warm stars of the season. Think flower crowns and mischievous kisses and running through fields of lavender. Think berry picking and herb gardens and picnics with hibiscus rose tea.

Beltane is celebrated as the start of the Celtic summer, though the official start of the summer, Litha (the summer solstice), doesn't happen until late June. It’s all about love and fertility, and traditionally it was observed by building bonfires and leaping over the flames. If you were young and single you would do this while wishing for a lover. If you were already coupled up, you would jump over the flames together to strengthen your love. It’s a very favorable day for dates, spending time with your lover, and all types of relationship vows and commitments.

Beltane happens opposite Samhain on the wheel of the year, and in many ways we can think of the two as mirrors of each other. Whereas Samhain marks the descent into darkness, Beltane celebrates the re-emergence into the light. Like Samhain, Beltane is thought to be a time when the veil between the worlds is thin. But whereas Samhain is generally considered a time to commune with ancestors and shadow spirits, Beltane is associated more with nature spirits and fair folk (especially fairies!). It is a magical day for walks in the forest (fairies are known to hang out in Hawthorn trees) or time spent outside near a garden or flower patch. Witches say that if you go out during dusk, twist a rowan sprig and peer through it like a magnifying glass, you might be able to catch a glimpse of the fairies.

Dew Walk and May Basket Harvest

It is said that if you go outside at dawn on Beltane and wash your face with dew, you'll ensure beauty for the coming year. Traditionally, this was done with dew from a hawthorn tree, but you can harvest the dew from any patch of grass, flowers, and/or leaves.

This is a wonderful practice to combine with another Beltane ritual: May Baskets. Traditionally, May Baskets were baskets filled with the first flowers of the summer, left on the doorsteps of family, friends, and lovers.

If weather allows, it would be a beautiful practice to go outside the morning of beltane, wash your face with dew, and gather flowers for your very own May Basket! Give the basket to a loved one, or keep it on your own doorstep to welcome in fertility, beauty, and the playful spirit of nature.

Love Potion

While you might not want to leap over a bonfire, you can still harness the love-charged energy of Beltane by creating a Beltane love potion. To make this love potion, you will need: a candle, a small bowl, filtered water, rose quartz, rose petals, damiana and essential oil of your choice (rose, jasmine, or ylang ylang work best), vodka, and a small bottle. This is best done in the light of the moon or outside or near a window. If that isn’t available, candlelight will work as well.

First, set the scene. Turn on some sensual music, light a stick of sandalwood incense, have a piece of chocolate or glass of wine, dance around your living room, whatever you need to do to get yourself in a relaxed, sensual, receptive energy. Once you are ready to begin, place the water in the bowl, asd allow it to catch the reflection of the moon (or the candlelight).

Then, invoke Aphrodite, asking her to send energies of love, pleasure, and sensuality into the water. Meditate on what love and pleasure feel like your you, and send those intentions into the water as well. Then, add the rose quartz, rose petals, damiana (a few pinches of each herb will do), and a few drops of your essential oil to the water. Allow the mixture to soak in the moonlight for a few more moments, then add it to the bottle, filling it up 3/4th of the way. Fill the remainder of the bottle with vodka to help the energies distill, and leave the bottle to soak in the moonlight overnight. Use this love potion as a perfume, at your altar, to add to spells, and to anoint candles.

Beltane Altar Suggestions

If making an altar is part of your practice, here are a few suggestions for items that would be quite magical to include:

Crystals: Carnelian, emerald, malachite, garnet, rose quartz, bloodstone, amber, citrine, golden tiger’s eye, and topaz.

Herbs: rose petals, yarrow, calendula, lavender, lemon verbena, hawthorne, meadowsweet, lemon balm, blue cornflowers, nettles, daisies, and elderflowers.

Other items: Blooming flowers, red candles, colorful ribbons, pieces of wood or wood essential oils (pine, cedar, etc), images of Aphrodite, items that invoke the fairies (mushrooms, sparkles, etc), daisy chains, items to represent the lingam and yoni (to invoke fertility), and wicker baskets.

The Lesser Know Chakras

Alison Sherwood

Being a Reiki Master and Intuitive healer, I loooooooove everything about Chakras.

You probably know these seven Chakras: the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown.

What you might not know is that there are more than that. In fact, there are actually 114 different chakras in the body (as well as others throughout the earth and beyond), as well as over 70,000 "nadis", or energy channels, coursing through us. Understanding and being aware of these chakras will help you tap into new, powerful flows of energy.

✨Below are 9 chakras worth your awareness:

“Chakras are doorways to other worlds. When you focus on them, you step into something else.” Rama

Divine Gateway Chakra. This chakra is the highest point in our individual chakra systems. It is the point of complete ascension into the spiritual. When activated, we can freely and easily communicate with other dimensional beings and explore new energetic realms. It governs astral projection, channeling, open communication with our guides, and enlightenment.

Galactic Chakra. This chakra, located above the Universal Chakra, is also known as the "channel for prophecy." Its purpose is to connect us to and enable us to communicate with higher frequency beings like our guides. When opened it can facilitate the development of spiritual and inter-dimensional skills and abilities, including energy healing, channelling, and high-level manifestation.

Universal Chakra. This chakra is located just about the Soul Star Chakra. Its purpose is to connect you with the flow of universal energy, love, and connection. This chakra helps you tap into frequencies that help you develop and/or reconnect with strong healing and psychic abilities.

Soul Star Chakra. This chakra is located about 6 inches above your head, on the “stellar pathway”. It has to do with enlightenment, ascension, and transcendence. Sometimes called the “seat of the soul,” it's purpose is to bring divine light and higher downloads into your body and life. Meditation and higher self integration work can help open and activate this chakra.

Cerebellum Chakra. This chakra is located next to the Medulla Oblongata, the point where our spinal cord fuses with the skull, which forms the lowest part of our brain and holds the control center for two of our most vital organs, the heart and the lungs. Its purpose is to awaken us to our highest dreams and channel to us prophetic dreams and visions. It has been talked about by spiritual teachers such as Buddha, and can be activated through meditation and spiritual study.

Thymus Chakra. This chakra is located between your throat and heart chakras, on the thymus, the gland responsible for creating white blood cells to ward off disease and keep your immune system safe. When open it sends the energy out to all that you are in service to love. It works as a beacon of energy that tells the universe that you are open and on the path of love and light.

Higher Heart Chakra. This chakra, also known as the Sacred Heart Chakra, governs your feelings of oneness and interconnectedness with others. It is located on the left side of your chest, right next to your physical beating heart. The “higher” related to a higher consciousness, where there is no division between beings and we are all one. When this chakra is open and balanced, you will feel more tapped in to your role on this planet and more aligned with service to humanity.

“When you touch the celestial in your heart, you will realize that the beauty of your soul is so pure, so vast and so devastating that you have no option but to merge with it. You have no option but to feel the rhythm of the universe in the rhythm of your heart.” - Amit Ray

Core Star Chakra. This chakra represents the flow of the soul, and is located between the sacral and solar plexus chakras. Similar to the solar plexus, it has to do with your personal expression and role in this world, though is a more cosmic, numinous sense. Getting in touch with your soul's divine purpose and studying metaphysical ideas of the self will help you balance and connect with the core star chakra.

Earth Star Chakra. This chakra is located about 12 inches below your feet. Like the root chakra, it helps connect us to the grounding, stabilizing, life-giving energy of mother earth. It is connected to our physical wellbeing as well as our connection to nature and to our time on planet earth. Grounding practices, spending time in nature, meditating on the earth and helps connect you to this chakra.

How To Protect Your Energy

Alison Sherwood

We are almost constantly coming into contact with other energies, sometimes negative, from people places, and even objects. When we absorb those negative energy, and it swirls around inside of us until it becomes fear, or anxiety, or sadness, or anger. It makes everything feel hazy, makes it harder to connect with our hearts and our guides.

Especially for highly sensitive and empathic people, it can be hard not to absorb the energies around you. Thankfully, there are so many spiritual tools we can use to strengthen our boundaries, dispel unwanted vibrations and protect our energy fields. Below are some tools for protecting your energy:


Black Kyanite purifies your energy field by cutting off (think of it as an energetic knife) unwanted energy cords. You can think of it as a sort of energetic knife- in fact, legend has it that Archangel Michael's sword was crafted from black kyanite.

Black Tourmaline helps to cleanse you of unwanted energies, keeping your energy field light and clear. It also works to ground your energy, making you less susceptible to absorbing the unwanted or negative emotions of others.

Black Onyx alchemizes heavy, negative energy into more positive energy, helping keep you in a lighter state. As a reflective stone, black onyx also shields you from absorbing other’s energies by reflect their energy back to them rather than towards you.

Pyrite, a stone most known for abundance, also helps return unwanted energies back to their sender. Both pyrite and black onyx are incredible stones for empaths or for times when you are around people who tend towards negativity.

Hematite casts a boundary of protection around you and your immediate environment, keeping your energy clear. Again, it is also a reflective stone, which shields you from unwanted energy.

Green jasper has been honored for millennia in different ancient civilizations as a powerful stone of protection. It is an excellent ally in emotionally or energetic overwhelm, as it is both calming and cleansing. It is especially potent when worn, as it helps ward off negative energy.

Charged Jewelry combines the powers of crystals with reiki, making them ultra-protective pieces that you can wear with you at all times. Protective jewelry has been worn as a sacred and powerful practice across many different cultures for centuries. Charged jewelry can work to create a shield of protection (and love, abundance, or whatever other vibrations the jewelry is charged with) around you, as well as to emit those higher vibrations which keep your energy field in alignment with what you want.

Smudging. Smudging is the practice of burning specific herbs to dispel negative energy, bring protection, and aid in spiritual practices.

White sage has been used for a very long time by Indigenous americans in sacred ceremonies to purify negative or low vibrating energies. The smoke of white sage is said to discourage the presence of any negative energies.

Black sage has a more protective energy. Try burning white sage to purify a space of negative energies, then burning black sage to cast a protective shield to prevent any future unwanted energies.

Herbs and flower essences

Yarrow flower essence is a beautiful ally for creating and strengthening emotional boundaries. It nourishes both your root and heart chakras, helping you lovingly draw your boundaries and keep your energy clear.

Rosemary is the ultimate herb of protection. It can help ward off unwanted energies and strengthen your energy field. The ancient Egyptians used rosemary to purify and cleanse their sacred spaces, and you can do the same: try diffusing rosemary essential oil, adding some dried rosemary to your tea, or simply placing a sprig of rosemary in your home.

Eucalyptus is an incredibly fragrant, purifying herb. It helps raise your overall energetic vibration, as well as purify you of unwanted energies. Try diffusing some eucalyptus essential oil in your home or simply carrying around a bottle of it in your purse to smell when you need a boost.

Sea salt is a powerful absorber and clearer of negative energy. Its use can be traced back to ancient healing traditions all over the world. To cleanse your body, rub it all over your skin in the shower or place a cup of it in a bath to soak in. To cleanse and protect your space, place bowls of it in the corners of your home, under your bed, or by your doors.

Black salt is is very useful for protection and for banishing negative and unwanted energies and entities. You can find black salt online or in a local spiritual shop, or you can make your own by mixing sea salt and charcoal powder. Try placing a bit of black salt in a bag and carrying it around with you, sprinkling it below your bed to prevent nightmares, place some near the entries to your home to protect your space, or using it in your spiritual practices to keep the energy clear.

Use a mantra. When it gets hard to draw boundaries and say no, it can be helpful to have a word or phrase to return to. A powerful, quick, and very accessible practice that can be done anywhere is placing your hand on your forehead and simply repeating “I release all other people’s energies with love, I let them go, I am free, and so it is” several times.

How to ground yourself during chaotic times

Alison Sherwood

Chaotic times are nearly inevitable. Whether it’s the internal chaos that can arise from healing work or emotional transitions, or external chaos from from things like breakups, starting a new business, and other big life changes. During chaotic times, we tend to get anxious and become energetically scattered and airy. Finding a way to ground our energy and come back into our bodies can really help us through chaotic times. Below are some tools for grounding during chaotic times.


Black Tourmaline. This protective black crystal is a powerful shield against chaotic energy. It helps cleanse you of catastrophic thoughts and calm a racing mind. Like many other dark stones, it works to absorb fears and anxieties, purifying your energetic body.

Hematite. Hematite brings you back into you body and establishes a strong root from your body to the earth. It soaks up stress and negative energy (so be sure to cleanse it with sage, fresh water, earthing or full moonlight) leaving you feeling clear and balanced. It is a wonderful ally in working through any sort of anxiety or disembodiment, as it both centers and calms you.

Red Jasper. Red jasper is a beautiful stabilizing and comforting stone. It works to energize and strengthen the root chakra, thus bringing a greater sense of safety and security. It's nurturing yet energizing, helping you reconnect and ground into the foundations of your life.

Petrified Wood. As it was once a living tree, Petrified Wood vibrates with a strong, rooting earth energy. It assists you in dissolving your stress and promoting feelings of serenity and security, grounding you into the beautiful stillness and abundance of the earth. It is especially helpful to work with if you are lacking in earth energy, live in a city or somewhere without many trees, or are simply just craving the grounding energy of a forest.

Shungite. A potent root chakra healer, Shungite is incredibly grounding and purifying. It is an excellent stone to work with to create a strong, stable, and balanced emotional and spiritual foundation. It can help protect your body against radiation and assist with physical, emotional, and spiritual detoxification, making chaotic times a little more manageable.


Try making a grounding tea with any combination of the following herbs. Make sipping it a meditative process by focusing on each sip and each flavor, allowing the physical sensations (taste, temperature) to anchor you into your body.

Yarrow. One of the oldest medicinally used herbs, Yarrow helps protect us from unwanted energies and strengthen our emotional and energetic boundaries. Physiologically, it soothes the skin (the boundary between our physical self and the outer world) and helps relieve chronic acute pain, which can flare up during chaotic times.

Rose. Rose is the ultimate calming, nurturing, unfurling herb. It works to gently open your heart and ease tension. Very useful during times of trouble, as it can wrap you in a protective energy of love and self-compassion.

Skullcap. A gentle nervine, skullcap will calm you down and ease your racing thoughts. It is especially beneficial for highly sensitive or energetically sensitive people, as it helps with over-stimulation and sensory overload.

Dandelion root. Dandelion root is a very grounding, cleansing herb. Physiologically, it helps promote healthy digestive and liver detoxification, both of which need extra support when we’re stressed. Energetically, like other root herbs it helps support the root chakra and connect us with the energy of mother earth.

Reishi. This medicinal mushroom is, known as the “queen mushroom”, is a potent herb for relieving anxiety and grounding into your body. It is also quite anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting, which will help support a stressed-out body.

Simple Practices

Grounding. Grounding is the practice of standing on the earth (soil, sand, grass, wherever is available to you and calls to you) with your bare feet. The idea is that when your body touches the earth, it absorbs all of the electromagnetic radiation and stuck energies that are flowing through our body, finally giving them somewhere to go. It is also incredibly soothing to our psyches, as connecting with mother earth reminds us of what is truly important underneath all the noise.

Forest bathing. Forest bathing, or forest therapy, is the practice of simply being in a forest. Standing surrounded by nature, amidst all of the trees with their roots running deep, calms our mind and roots our energy. Simply existing among the sounds of the forest, the smell of the foliage, and the light streaming in through the trees resets our nervous system and relaxes us back into our bodies.

Grounding meditation. Any form of meditation is incredibly supportive during chaotic times. However, if you are looking for a powerful grounding visualization, you can try this: get comfortable and close your eyes. Breathe for a few minutes and visualize all of your scattered energy coming back to you. All that matters in this moment is your breathe, right here, right now. Then picture cords of bright white energy running from your heart, down through your body, out through the soles of your feet and into the heart of mother earth. Know that you are safe and protected. Then, imagine the love and nurturing energy from the heart of earth running up those same cords, back through the soles of your feet and into your heart. Imagine your whole body being filled with the warm, loving light of mother earth, and know that this safe, peaceful space is always available for you to return to at any time.

Alison Sherwood

The sweet return of spring. Lightness. Rebirth. Small green shoots that hold the promise of a beautiful blossom. Baby birds and butterflies. Daffodils, daisies, tulips. The first caresses of sunlight and warmth. Creativity. Turning outwards towards the light. Fertility. Projects and plans planted in the winter beginning to bloom. Balance and harmony, when day and night are equal.

Ostara, the Celtic sabbat observed on the spring equinox, occurs on March 20th this year. Ostara is a time of rebirth and active manifestation. Whereas during Yule, the winter solstice, we set intentions and planted dreams internally, Ostara is the time to tend to the blooms that are finally breaking the surface. Ostara is the day when day and night are in perfect balance, but that means that every day after(until the Summer Solstice) the days are getting longer and the light is growing stronger. It is a time of re emerging into the world and taking tangible action to grow what you’ve planted.

This day is named after the olde Celtic goddess Ostara. As a goddess of fertility and springtime, she is sometimes referred to as “Eostre” (or East) because the sun rises in the East. She is celebrated during the equinox as a light bringer, life giver, and harbinger of growth. It is said that one should call on Ostara when they desire assistance increasing their fertility, sparking their creativity, or embarking on new projects. Below are two rituals and some altar suggestions to help you tap into the flow of Ostara’s sweet, fertile energy.

Plant Your Magic or Tend Your Garden

Ostara is all about growth and rebirth, and physically planting flowers/tending to blooms is a beautiful way to mirror this energy in the physical world. If you have a garden, this would be a perfect day to prepare it for the spring, clearing away all of the winter debris, fertilizing the soil and planting fresh seeds.

If you don’t have a garden, go to your local plant store for a pot, some soil, and either some seeds or some ready-to-repot plants. Find a sunny spot in your home and get planting! As you do this, visualize planting your own intentions and prepare to watch them bloom with the plants. Every time you tend to this plant with water and sunshine, imagine you are tending to your dreams. Let it also be a physical reminder of your dreams that inspires you to take action.

If none of these options are available to you, go to your local supermarket and get a small potted plant or a bouquet of your favorite flowers (best if they’re local plants!) and place them in your home, letting them fill your home with fresh, fertile energy.

Egg Magic

Eggs are powerful symbols of fertility and birth, making them the perfect medium for a little Ostara magic making. To perform Ostara egg magic, grab an egg (any kind of egg will do) and think about what you are currently growing. You may wish to think back to the intentions you made during the winter, or you may want to start fresh. Then, write or speak your wishes onto the egg, visualizing your intentions embedding themselves into the egg, as if you were placing them in a potent container to facilitate their growth.

Once you have done that, either draw or visualize a 6-point star on the egg, a potent symbol of the idea "as above, so below". Then, go bury the egg in the soil and ask mother earth to nurture your intentions and help them blossom. Consider your dreams planted, and get ready for them to bloom!

Ostara Altar Suggestions

If making an altar is part of your practice, here are a few suggestions for items to include.

Crystals: Amethyst, citrine, carnelian, clear quartz, agate, amazonite, pyrite

Herbs: Spearmint, lemongrass, lemon verbena, lemon balm, jasmine flowers, marjoram, thyme, tarragon, honeysuckle

Other items: Wildflowers, crocuses, lilacs, yellow and/or green candles, patchouli incense, eggs, reminders of the seeds you planted during the winter that you are now harvesting

A Guide to the Moons in March

Alison Sherwood

March is a very potent month. March takes us through the Equinox from winter to spring. It takes us through the turn of the zodiacal calendar, from Pisces to Aries. March is bringing us through a major energy shift, and each of March's two moons plays an important role. Astrologically, we begin March with the sun traveling through watery, dreamy, ocean deep Pisces. On March 6th, we have our new moon in Pisces. Then on the 20th, the sun moves into Aries, we have our equinox, and the moon shines full in Libra.

Both Pisces and Libra are about oneness and togetherness. Libra rules partnerships of all kinds, from romantic ones to friendships to business relationships. Pisces, as the eldest zodiac sign, helps us transcend the self to embrace universal, collective truths. They both have to do with art, beauty, . You can think of Libra as an enchanting muse and Pisces as a deep and passionate artist. As we are also moving through a mercury retrograde for much of the month, we will be invited to slow down and consider our relationships and creativity of all kinds.

New Moon in Pisces :: March 6th

Generally speaking, the new moon happens when the moon and the sun occupy the same elliptical longitude. During this time, we cannot actually “see” mama moon with our eyes. Yet, we know in our hearts that she is there. In a similar way, the new moon illuminates what is deep within us.

The new moon is an optimal time for attractive, positive magic. Think manifesting, inviting in your desires, attracting your dreams. It is a time for intention setting, for going into yourself to see what you desire most of all, and speaking it into being in the dark incubator that is the new moon.

This month’s new moon takes places in Pisces, the deepest sign in the zodiac, ruled by dreamy Neptune. Pisces is the bottom of the ocean and the farthest reaches of the galaxy. It is all feelings and emotions, soul communication, fluffy pink skies, and exquisite watercolors. Pisces is the dreamer, the artist, the lover.

Pisces moons can sometimes be difficult, as Pisces energy is so watery and transcendent and can sometimes cause us to lose touch with our present reality. But if we can find a way to stay at least a little bit grounded, this new moon can lead us into the most healing and jewel-filled coves of us psyches. Pisces new moons are excellent times for healing, introspection, art, creativity, and love.

Here are 3 ways to work with the beautiful energy of this Pisces new moon:

  1. Daydream. During Pisces season, and particularly during the new moon, it may be hard to focus on specific, tangible things. You may find your imagination soaring, begging to take over. You may be feelings sparks of creative inspiration.  You may be feeling confused or muddled. All of this is okay, and in fact should be embraced! Give yourself permission to sink into the dreaminess of Pisces and see where it takes you. Deep healing or brilliant creative ideas may (and most likely are) where it will lead you.

  2. Flex your intuition. Pisces is mystical, numinous, cosmic energy- the perfect kind of energy for practicing your intuitive powers. Play around with divinatory tools such as tarot or oracle cards, read books on strengthening your intuition, figure out how your intuition speaks to you (Discover Your Psychic Type by Sherrie Dillard) and overall just pay attention to your gut feelings and trust them.

  3. Create joy. There is a reason why so many great painters, musicians, sculptures, and artists of all kinds are Pisces heavy. As a sign of depth and beauty and emotion, Pisces is the ultimate artist. This new moon is a perfect time to drop into inspiration and let waves of creativity guides you. Whether it’s making music, writing poetry, cooking, creating jewelry, painting, drawing, or even simply existing as yourself, take time this moon for your art.

Full Moon in Libra :: March 20th

The full moon occurs when the moon is on the opposite side of the earth than it was when it was new, allowing us to see the entire sunlit part of her. During this time, she is the closest to us, and we can see her brilliance shining down on us all night long. It’s the time of the witch, the great mother, the creatrix. A time of fertility and creation and embracing your wholeness.

This is an electric, potent time. It’s the perfect time to charge and electrify. Charge your crystals in the moonlight, infuse some moon water, go outside and soak up all the power of mama moon’s light. The full moon illuminates everything, making it a perfect time to reflect and release. It’s a perfect time to check in with the intentions you set at the new moon, see how they are progressing, and release any blocks you may have around them.

Libra is a lover. Libra energy is all about beauty, balance, partnership, equality, justice, diplomacy, and harmony. An air sign, Libra highlights communication and ideas. Ruled by Venus, Libra loves luxury and aesthetic beauty. This full moon invites you to luxuriate in the beauty and lushness of life.

During Libra full moons, the focus on on relationships and partnerships. A common theme that comes up during this time is finding a balance between self and other, between what you need and what others need from you. Libra has a tendency to people please, and this moon may illuminate anywhere where you are giving away too much of yourself. Boundaries and boundary issues may come up at this time, inviting you to come back into yourself and assess whether or not you giving yourself the nourishment you need.

Here are 3 questions to reflect on as the moon shines her brightness in Libra:

  1. Are you giving more energy to loving yourself, or to loving the idea of other people loving you? Are you looking for validation from other people rather than from yourself? What would happen if you decided to give yourself the love and validation that you so desire, rather than seeking it externally?

  2. Whose needs have you been prioritizing? If the answer is someone other than yourself, why? Are there are fears or wounds that can be addressed and healed around this at this time?

  3. How are your boundaries? Do you frequently feel overextended, exhausted, overwhelmed? If so, what boundaries would help you at this time, and how can you start to implement them?

Crystals & Herbs For each Chakra

Alison Sherwood

Chakras are energetic power centers that run through the body. In Sanskrit, Chakra literally means disk or wheel, as we can think of Chakras as wheels of energy. There are seven primary Chakras which run through the body from the bottom of the spine to the top. Each Chakra is connected to a specific physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual state of being and development. When all seven Chakras are open, we will feel healthy, aligned, and flowing. When any of them are blocked or overactive, we can run into issues. Therefore, it is vital to keep these energy centers open and balanced.

As crystals and herbs are energetic tools, they are excellent allies in helping us to balance our Chakras. Each Chakra has a specific energetic vibration, and specific herbs and crystals can be used to rebalance them.


Root Chakra - I AM

Sanskrit name: Muladhara

Mantra: I Am - “I am grounded, supported, and abundant.”

Color: Red

Location: Base of spine

Key words: Earth, nourishment, nurturing, safety, family, home, strength, the body

Key issues: Issues of security and foundations (money, food, shelter), scarcity, ungroundedness, fear, anxiety

Crystals: Grounding crystals such as black tourmaline and hematite, smoky quartz, red jasper, garnet.

Herbs: Dandelion root, burdock root, chaga mushroom, oatstraw.

Sacral Chakra - I FEEL

Sanskrit name: Svadhisthana

Mantra: “Creativity is flowing through me. I am creative and free. I experience emotions freely and with ease.”

Color: Orange

Location: Lower abdomen, between the pelvis and the navel

Key words: Creativity, emotion, desire, feeling, pleasure, receptivity, sensuality.

Key issues: Difficulty receiving, guilt, sex issues, menstrual issues, difficulty expressing or controlling emotions

Crystals: Carnelian, orange calcite, moonstone, orange aventurine.

Herbs: Damiana, calendula, raspberry leaf, yarrow, hibiscus, rose hips.

Solar Plexus Chakra - I DO

Sanskrit name: Manipura

Mantra: “I am worthy of pursuing my passion and purpose. I am empowered and powerful.”

Color: Yellow

Location: Stomach

Key words: Confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, willpower, joy

Key issues: Power struggles, lack of self-confidence, shame, digestive troubles, lack of alignment with purpose, procrastination

Crystals: Citrine, tiger’s eye, yellow jasper, pyrite.

Herbs: Rosemary, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, anise, cumin, fennel.

Heart Chakra - I LOVE

Sanskrit name: Anahata

Mantra: “I am loved, loving, and lovable. I give and receive love with grace and ease.”

Color: Green

Location: Center of chest

Key words: Love, compassion, empathy, openness, relationships, inner peace and balance.

Key issues: Lack of self-love, imbalanced relationships, relationship issues, loneliness, self-criticism, a “hardened heart”, problems with the physical heart.

Crystals: Rose quartz, green aventurine, rhodochrosite, malachite, raw emerald, scolecite.

Herbs: Motherwort, rose, chamomile, damiana, hawthorn berry, jasmine flowers, honeysuckle.

Throat Chakra - I SPEAK

Sanskrit name: Vishudda

Mantra: “I speak my truth freely and with ease. I am in alignment with my truth. I speak with honesty, clarity, and intention.”

Color: Blue

Location: Throat

Key words: Communication, truth, honesty, authenticity,

Key issues: Dishonesty, difficulty conveying emotions or thoughts, ineffective communication, sore throat or other throat and voice issues.

Crystals: Sodalite, amazonite, blue lace agate, angelite.

Herbs: Red clover, lemon balm, eucalyptus, coltsfoot, peppermint.

Third Eye Chakra - I SEE

Sanskrit name: Ajna

Mantra: “I am connected to my intuition. I trust my inner knowing.”

Color: Indigo

Location: Between the eyes

Key words: Intuition, imagination, wisdom, clarity of thought, decision making

Key issues: Headaches, eye issues, lack of clarity, disconnection with intuition

Crystals: Amethyst, azurite, fluorite, lapis lazuli, shungite.

Herbs: Kava kava, passionflower, mugwort, eyebright, spearmint.

Crown Chakra - I KNOW

Sanskrit name: Sahasrara

Mantra: “I am one with the divine. I honor the divine within me.”

Color: White or violet

Location: The very top of the head

Key words: Divinity, oneness, connection with the universe and your higher self, spirituality, numinosity, manifestation

Key issues: Disillusionment, depression, disconnection, obsession, loss of identity or higher purpose

Crystals: Clear quartz, celestite, danburite, selenite, apophyllite, lepidolite.

Herbs: Lavender flowers, lotus flowers, bergamont.

Alison Sherwood

The word Goddess conjures up images of lushness, beauty, and love. And as a conduit of divine feminine energy, Goddess energy in general carries elements of love and pleasure, most often embodied through specific Goddesses. Love goddesses exist in nearly all cultures, governing everything from fertility and sensuality to passion, beauty and romance.

Though these energies are available to us at all times, Valentine’s day is a beautiful time to connect with them. Whether you are partnered or not, read on below to discover more about a few of these love goddesses and when to call on them.



The very ancient Sumerian Goddess of desire and procreation, Inanna can help connect you with your body and with the deepest, most powerful divine feminine energy. She also governs war and politics and is most often depicted surrounded by lions, giving her energy a fierce, primal edge. Connect with Inanna when you want to invoke raw power and sensual, unashamed pleasure, and elemental divine feminine energy.



The greek goddess of love and passion is perhaps the most well known love Goddess. Associated with the planet Venus, she exudes harmony, beauty, and receptivity. Myth has it she was born of ocean foam, and as such has a strong connection to the fluidity of the ocean. Call on Aphrodite when you desire assistance embracing your own inner goddess, finding emotional balance, and feeling comfortable in your body.



Parvati is the Hindu goddess of love and devotion. She embodies Shakti (divine feminine energy, and together with her partner Shiva (who embodies the divine masculine), they make up a balanced whole. She is almost always depicted adorned with luscious silks and gorgeous jewelry, as she also embodies the lushness and beauty of the feminine. In some traditions, she is worshiped in the form of the yoni, connecting her both to fertility and pleasure.Call on her when seeking to balance feminine and masculine energies, either in yourself or in a relationship.



The Hindu goddess of passionate devotion and worship, depicted in Indic texts as the partner of the god Krishna, governs wild passion and lust. Her love for Krishna endures through many obstacles, and it is said that the love between them is the purest form of love and devotion. Call on Radha to bring more ecstasy and enchantment into your relationship with yourself or a lover.



The Nordic earth Goddess of fertility and passion teaches us about the unabashed power of the wild feminine. The day Friday was named in her honor, which fits as Friday is a day of celebration and excitement. Freya encourages us to delight in our beauty and sensuality, and to fully enjoy our embodied experience. Call on her when you want assistance connecting with your sensuality and being fully receptive to joy and pleasure.

Mary Magdalene


Not a Goddess in the traditional sense, Mary Magdalene is a powerful ally for complete and unconditional self love. She embodies forgiveness, grace, and open heartedness, both towards the self and others. She can assist you with cultivate deeper trust and acceptance towards yourself.

A Guide to February's Moons

Alison Sherwood

The month of February bring us two beautiful, transformational moons. Astrologically, we enter into the month of February in the midst of Aquarius season, a time of high-level intellect, forward-thinking, and radical individuality. On February 4th comes the new moon in Aquarius. Then on February 19th, right after the sun moves into watery, transcendental Pisces, Mama Moon shines her light with a full moon in Virgo.

As both Aquarius and Virgo deal with humanitarianism, healing, and giving of the self to others, this moon cycle is going to be one of expansion both on a personal and collective scale. Visionary Aquarius pulls at our cosmic heart strings and helps us to see the big, bold picture of our desires, while methodical Virgo helps us take the steps needed to enact those desires. Here are a few ways you can make the most of what these moons have to offer.

New Moon in Aquarius :: February 4th

Generally speaking, the new moon happens when the moon and the sun occupy the same elliptical longitude. During this time, we cannot actually “see” mama moon with our eyes. Yet, we know in our hearts that she is there. In a similar way, the new moon illuminates what is deep within us.

The new moon is an optimal time for attractive, positive magic. Think manifesting, inviting in your desires, attracting your dreams. It is a time for intention setting, for going into yourself to see what you desire most of all, and speaking it into being in the dark incubator that is the new moon.

This month’s new moon takes place in Aquarius, an air sign, ruled by Uranus. A sign of the future, and the collective, and the cosmic. A sign of deep compassion and sharp intelligence. A sign that embraces uniqueness and applauds innovation. A sign of justice, of intellect, of radical acceptance.

And so, that is exactly the kind of energy this moon is ushering in. Aquarius new moons stir things up, help you look at the world and your place in it in a new way, bring up dreams both new and long forgotten. This moon will help you break through barriers, connect with others on a cosmic level, and craft an even grander vision.

Here are 3 ways to amplify the energy of this Aquarius new moon:

  1. Be true to yourself! Take some time to reflect and journal on the following: Am I being true to myself? Am I living honestly? Is there any part of myself I am holding back out of fear of not fitting in or being rejected? How can I shine my own unique magic even brighter?

  2. Innovate. Aquarian energy is all about seeing things in new ways. Think of a problem you’ve been having lately that you just haven’t been able to solve. Use this energy to conjure up some new solutions you haven’t thought of yet. As Aquarius is a beautiful time for dreamwork, try this: before you go to bed on the night of the full moon, reflect on your problem. Then, simply ask yourself, mama moon, and your guides to bring you solutions in your dreams. If you desire help, call on some magical allies: herbal allies for dreamwork include Mugwort, Valerian, Kava, and lavender, while crystal allies include amethyst, lepidolite, celestite, and scolecite. To access their magic, simply make a cup of tea and sip it before bed, or keep the crystals on your bedside or under your pillow.

  3. Connect with others! Aquarius is one of the most social signs, and does well when surrounded by others. This new moon, take some time to connect with a friend or loved one. See what new ideas and creations you can dream up together. Aquarius energy is excellent for helping you connect with likeminded people, so if that is what you are seeking, check out local events or workshops you could attend to connect with those who share common interests and ideals.

Full Moon in Virgo :: February 19th

The full moon occurs when the moon is on the opposite side of the earth than it was when it was new, allowing us to see the entire sunlit part of her. During this time, she is the closest to us, and we can see her brilliance shining down on us all night long. It’s the time of the witch, the great mother, the creatrix. A time of fertility and creation and embracing your wholeness.

This is an electric, potent time. Generally speaking, it is the optimal time for purifying, releasing magic. It’s also the perfect time to charge and electrify. Charge your crystals in the moonlight, infuse some moon water, go outside and soak up all the power of mama moon’s light. The full moon illuminates everything, making it a perfect time to reflect and release. It’s a perfect time to check in with the intentions you set at the new moon, see how they are progressing, an release any blocks you may have around them.

This month’s full moon falls in the earthy, methodical sign of Virgo. The "virgin", ruled by Mercury, helps us parse out what's important and reconnect to the magic of consistent daily practices. Virgo is sharp and exact, perfectionist in a good way, focused and refined.

The full moon in Virgo helps us get down to the nitty gritty details, to refine and reshape our routines and rituals. The energy of this moon helps us get ourselves together, organize our lives, build up nourishing structures. It is an excellent time to focus on health (perhaps a time to make dietary shifts or indulge is some yoga), organization (clean your closets, wash the sheets, organize your herb collection!), and daily structures. Things like implementing a morning routine or beginning a meditation practice are supported now. It is also an excellent time to analyze what is and is not working in your day-to-day, particularly with regards to the intentions you set on the 4th.

Here are 3 questions to reflect on as mama moon shines bright in Virgo:

  1. Which of my habits are really serving me right now? How can I ritualize those to habits to make the most of them? Are any of my habits getting in the way of my flow? What habits could I replace those with?

  2. Write out your typical daily schedule. How could you rearrange things to allow more space for flow, ease, creativity, pleasure, productivity, and whatever else you wish to bring in?

  3. Find a balance between cosmic dreaminess and your daily, grounded reality. Are your daily actions in alignment with your grander desires? Are your habits helping you create the life you are dreaming up? If not, how can you adjust?

Reflect on these while standing outside in the light of mama moon (weather permitting) or sitting near a window. Allow her light to wash over you, helping you clarify and release.

Have a beautiful February!

This is a beautiful month, halfway between the winter solstice and spring equinox, that can bring deep healing and usher in big transformations if only we work with the current of its energy. Let the magic of these moons assist you in creating your wildest dreams.

xo Alison

Imbolc, Welcoming in the Light !

Alison Sherwood

Imbolc, or Bride, is the celtic sabbat observed on February 2nd. We may be in the dark depths of winter, but the earth is starting to wake up. The word Imbolc literally translates to "in the belly." Much like a woman in stillness, preparing to give birth, here the earth is preparing to bloom again, here we are preparing to once again embrace our newness that has been born out of the darkness of the past few months. The hardest part of the year is behind us, and though we have much more winter to venture through, we are at a turning point. The very earliest sprouts will start to sprout, the planting season begins, and the lightness of spring begins to seep into us.

Imbolc is also a time dedicated to honoring Brigid, the Celtic fire goddess of poetry, healing, childbirth, birth, and craftsmanship. Brigid is a triple goddess, meaning she represents the maiden, the mother, and the crone all at once, encompassing the totality of a woman’s life. Imbolc is a day of celebrating such cycles. We honor the death of the goddess in the winter and her rebirth in the spring as a maiden. What aspects of yourself died this winter, and what is preparing to be born anew?

Brigid, and therefore Imbolc, is strongly associated with the element of fire. What is being illuminated for you right now? What is burning away in these final days of hibernation? And most importantly, what sparks of new life are you starting to feel as we approach springtime? The intentions we planted in the darkness of the winter solstice are starting to sprout. It is now time to nurture those sprouts and begin to wake up and turn outward once again. Below are two ways you can honor this sacred day.

Welcome in the Light

A traditional way to honor Imbolc and the emergence of the spring is with light. It is a time-honored practice at Imbolc to light a candle in every room of your house. Alternatively, you could open all of your curtains or switch on every light in your house.

Another beautiful way to honor the coming of the sun is to go for a walk during the height of the sun's journey through the sky (typically sometime between noon and 3), thanking it for it's warmth and life even if it's too cloudy or stormy to see it. If there is snow on the ground, it is a traditional practice to take a snowy walk and draw an image of the sun in the snow with your dominant hand.

If you have a fireplace, you may wish to light a fire and reflect upon its warmth, seeing it as a mirror of your own inner creative fire. If you do not have a fireplace, this works just as well with a candle.

Creating an Imbolc Altar

Altars are beautiful ways to focus your intentions on something particular. In this case, we want to focus our intentions on the coming light, being “in the belly”, and the young sprouts of our solstice intentions. An imbolc altar works best by a sunny window, though any other well-lit area of your home would work well. Any items that connect you to those things are excellent choices for your altar. Below are a few items to consider:

Crystals for Imbolc: garnets (a powerful stone that purifies, strengthens, and resonates with the fiery solar plexus), moonstone (strengthens your connection with the goddess, fosters intuition, and encourages new beginnings), and moss agate (nourishes growth and fertility).

Imbolc herbs: blackberry leaves (sacred to Brigid and thought to attract abundance and health), coltsfoot (another herb associated with Brigid that helps to move stagnant energy and foster peace), and ginger (helps to strengthen your inner fire and creativity).

Other items to include are Brigid’s cross, images of Brigid, seeds, young plants, images or items that remind you of the intentions you set at the solstice (your vision board, perhaps?), green candles, items that evoke youth/maidenhood, and bird feathers.

Blessed Imbolc! May you remember the light and allow your inner fire to warm the seeds of your beautiful intentions. Spring is near.

Using Rituals to Transform Your Life

Alison Sherwood

One of the simplest yet most profound ways we have to radically shift our energy and transform our lives is ritual. Rituals help ground our energy, focus our intention, and connect with our intuition. If done consistently, rituals can create real, potent magic and allow you to bring all areas of your life into greater alignment with your desires. 

For me, reclaiming my magick through consistent ritual has completely changed my entire life. As I already mentioned, last January I was in a place of intense anxiety about my business & finances . I knew I was doing everything “right” but it just wasn’t happening meanwhile my debt was becoming out of control.

Until I discovered chanting. This became a powerful catalyst for my transformation. My dedicated practice of creating a beautiful altar, crafting rituals that help me connect with my intuition and receive guidance, getting quiet and really tuning in, this changed everything.

My rituals helped me to listen and look for guidance from within myself, rather than taking a million courses thinking they had the answers. It empowered me to set doable goals and released the expectation. It completely changed my life and set my on the path of my soul’s highest calling. And this is just the beginning. 

Tips for creating and utilizing rituals in your life

  • Consistency. What truly allows rituals to work their magic is consistent, regular practice. Rituals help to enhance your energy and ground your intentions. Doing this on a regular basis consistently shifts your vibration to truly transform your reality.  

  • Find what resonates with you. For me, chanting, oils and candle work all resonate (I talk more about my own rituals at the end), but you might be completely different. Maybe kundalini yoga feels good in your soul. Or maybe it’s journaling, or working with specific crystals or guides, or transcendental meditation, or tarot, or something entirely different. We intuitively know what is right for us, and if we can tap into it, or rituals will be that much more powerful (and easy to stick to!). 

  • Be realistic. The best way to stay consistent is to create rituals that work for you that you can actually stick to. If you have to a demanding work schedule or have small children, for example, you may not have more than 20 minutes or so to devote to your rituals. If you work early in the morning, perhaps it makes more sense to you to practice your rituals in the night. Anything is okay! Exactly what you are doing matters much less than the intention behind it. Find what works with you and integrate it into your life in the way that makes the most sense.

  • Community. I’ve found that have a group of people who support you and help keep you accountable (again, consistency is key!) is vital. Sometimes life becomes hectic and we can lose sight of why we are doing the things we are, and in moments like those, having a community you can turn to makes all the difference. 

  • Trust. On those days that I doubted myself I sat in meditation even longer and focused on releasing disempowering thoughts and old beliefs, and that make all the difference. As with most things, it takes time to notice the external shifts because the internal ones have to come first. By sticking with it and trusting your magic, you’ll allow potent shifts to come through. 

A look at my daily rituals

Rituals are deeply personal, and what works for me may not be right for you. Still, I believe it to be helpful (and fun!) to know what other people’s rituals are like. Here is what a typical morning looks like for me:

I wake up and turn on my salt lamp. Then I sit in front of my altar and anoint myself with abundance and transformation oil. Then I activate my reiki symbols, go through some affirmations, and take out my Hand Mala to chant Om shreem maha Lakshmiyei namaha (to call upon Lakshmi, the hindu goddess of wealth and abundance) 27 times. Then I’ll proceed to doing my Kriya meditation, give deep gratitude to Goddess and all my guides and angels, and do an abundance mantra. I’ll then move over to my other altar and with another Hand Mala chant Om Ah Hung (a mantra to align and cleanse body, speech, and mind) 27 times and again give deep gratitude to Goddess, Gods, Great Mother, Mama Earth, Archangels, my Guides and so on.

This ritual helps ground me, connect my with my guides, and put me in the energy of gratitude and abundance. It works for me, and the tools I use (chanting, malas, Kriya meditation) all resonate deep in my soul. 

Do you have a consistent ritual practice? What rituals do you currently do? What would you like to do? What tools resonate with you?

Let’s talk- after all, community amplifies our potency. 

New Moon Intention Setting

Alison Sherwood

On Saturday, January 5th, we experience the first new moon of 2019. And this new moon, taking place at 15 degrees Capricorn, is also a solar eclipse, imbuing it with an ever more potent energetic signature. We will be feeling heavy Capricorn energy all weekend, as Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and of course the sun are also lighting up the sign of hard work, responsibility, diligence, commitment, and goal realization. New moons in capricorn are beautiful times to examine our supporting structures and plans. What do we want? Where are we going? How are we getting there? Are your structures setting you up for success?


This moon comes at a time when many of us are going full force making intentions and resolutions and plans for this new year. Yet, how many of these do we actually end up keeping? And where are they coming from, truly? A place of fear and obligation, or one of alignment and intentionality? Making resolutions at this time is beautiful, but we are also very much in the yin/hibernation energy of the winter, meaning that slow and quiet reflection is still our natural rhythm.


So here is an idea. What if we harnessed the magic of this steady, structural Capricorn lunation to transform how we approach our intention setting? What if, instead of setting one hundred different new year’s intentions, we chose to set a single big intention at each new moon? How much grace and mindfulness could we inject into our intention setting by focusing on one single thing at a time? How much ease could we allow by working with the earth’s natural cycles? Through embracing the cyclicality of mama moon, setting intentions when she is new and releasing when she is at her fullness?


One of the most important, often overlooked elements of intention setting is releasing any resistance, blocks, or expectations. And when we work with natural cycles, we will see that the full moon offers us a beautifully potent opportunity to do this releasing work. If we set intentions with the new moon, then two weeks later we can check in with our intentions and release.


How does this look in practice?


New moon intention setting


On the night of the new moon, prepare your sacred space. Perhaps this just means lighting a candle and making a cup of tea, or maybe it means sitting at your altar and lighting some palo santo. Whatever feels sacred and right to you, do so.


Spend a few minutes thinking about your intention for this cycle. It can be as small or as lofty as you wish. Ask yourself, what am I feeling right now? What does my heart need? What is my soul longing for? Open your journal, grab a pen, and write out your intention. Really hone in on the feeling behind your intention, as embodying that feeling imbues your intention with even more power.


Once you have written your intention, close your journal and trust that the magic is taking place. The more you allow and release expectations, the more space there is for magic.


Full moon releasing


A very powerful way of releasing is to connect with the element (or elements) that resonate most with you:


Do you feel drawn to the fierce energy of fire? Write down all your areas of resistance, all of the blocks that are coming up, all of your expectations, and burn them in a fire safe pot. As you do so, visualize them being burned away by the flame.


Are you compelled by air, the quick moving element of insight and communication? If you live in a windy area or it is a windy time, step outside, speak your areas of resistance aloud and release them to the wind to be swept away. Or, release them using your breath. Breathe deeply, and with each exhale visualize your blocks being released from your body.


Is your soul drawn to the emotional, fluid realm of water? If you live near a body of water, go to it, stand or place your hands into the water, and ask it to wash away all of your resistance and expectations. If you do not live near a body of water, a bath or shower will work just as well. As you do this, visualize the water washing away all of your blocks.


Are you most connected with the grounded, steady earth? Try holding your hands out with palms down and ask Mother Earth to pull out all of your resistance and attachment to outcomes. As you do so, imagine all of the blocks flowing out of your body and into the earth.


When you are finished, thank the element or elements that you worked with, and allow yourself to be filled with space in which your intentions can continue to grow. Two weeks later, on the next new moon, start the cycle again with a new intention (or the same intention, if you wish the keep working with it!). In this way, like the moon, we continue in a cyclical, aligned path of growth and evolution.


New Year, New Magick

Alison Sherwood


The end of the year is a beautiful, potent time for both reflection and intention setting. And because this year the turn of the calendar is happening during a waning moon time, deep release and introspection are especially supported. Take some time over the next few days to get quiet and be very mindful about where you have been, where you are, and where you are going. When you do so, true magic can happen.


Whether you typically approach the coming year with excitement or apprehension, these rituals will help you lovingly release 2018 and create space for magic and abundance to flow in the new year.


Releasing 2018


Cleanse your space. Our external world really does affect our internal world, and a wonderful way to cultivate an energy of fresh starts and clarity is to cleanse your space. Cleanse your physical space: out your closets and give away anything you no longer need or use, wash your bed sheets, sweep your floors, organize your bookshelf, clean out your refrigerator and make space for fresh and healthy foods. Cleanse your digital spaces: unfollow Instagram accounts that no longer feed you, unfriend anyone that drains you, get rid of any apps that you don’t use, delete the numbers of the people who bring you down. Cleanse your energetic space: go through your home with sage or palo santo, place tourmaline by your windows and selenite by your bed, light candles and diffuse cleansing oils. As you do this, hold the intention that you are creating space for the new and better to come in.


Reflect back on your year, on all of your experiences and ways you have grown. Who were you at the beginning of 2018? Who are you now? Get a piece of paper and free write everything that comes to mind, focusing on personal traits. Then take stock of what you have written. What do you want to bring with you into 2019? What do you want to continue to evolve? And what do you want to thank and release, leaving it behind in 2018?


Write a love letter to 2018. Whether you accomplished everything you set out to, or encountered a few obstacles along the way, know that 2018 brought you the opportunities and lessons that were exactly right for you. No matter what, you have grown beautifully over the past 12 months, and that is worth celebrating. Pull out your journal, and write a love letter to 2018. Thank it for the lessons, the experiences, the growth. Honor the struggle, celebrate the triumph (even and especially if that triumph was simply surviving). What lessons did you learn? What experiences did you have? How did 2018 help you evolve?


Welcoming 2019


Write a love letter to 2019! Be hopeful and honest. Hold nothing back. Tell it everything you wish you’ll be able to do together, from the mundane (weekly moonlit walks) to the fantastic (write a book?!).


Decide what energies you want to embody. It can be helpful to choose a word or set of words to guide your intention. What do you want to feel in 2019? Freedom, ease, pleasure, expansion, connection? Words help us to orient ourselves and ground our intentions. A helpful visual anchor for your intentions is a vision board. Simply gather images that feel aligned with your energetic vision and arrange them into a collage. Or if you prefer to keep it digital, you could make a 2019 pinterest board. You could also create a new year altar that evokes the energies you wish to call in, with flowers and crystals and images and objects that make you feel a certain type of way.


Do a year end tarot spread. You could do this in several ways. One way is to pull twelve tarot or oracle cards, one for every month, to get insight into how your 2019 may unfold. Another is to pull five cards: 1) the overall theme of 2019, 2) what you are leaving behind in 2018, 3) the lesson you being asked to learning in 2019, 4) what you are building and working towards in 2019, and 5) what will help you with all of this. Feel free to come up with your own questions, pull clarifying cards, or pull multiple cards for a single question. Have a journal nearby to reflect on the messages that come through for you


I hope these practices help you ring in 2019 with intention and magic. Have a beautiful new year!

From High Priestess to Empress

Alison Sherwood

     For many of us, 2018 was a challenging year of deep shifts and transformations, a year that brought heavy challenges and just as many radical breakthroughs. Numerologically speaking, 2018 was an 11 year (2+0+1+8=11). 11 is a Master Number, meaning it has an intense alchemical energy, carrying with it the magical, the mystical, the transcendent. Master number years (our last one as 2009!) bring with them important, and often difficult, life lessons, often completely rearranging our realities (sound like what's been happening to you the past 12 months?).

11 is the number of intuitive and the subconscious, of depths, of making hidden things known. It is a number of spiritual enlightenment, of truth, and of deep inner power that comes from truly knowing and owning the whole of who you are, and 2018 was a year that likely brought up a lot of these themes. We are all walking out of this year transformed in some way, with a stronger connection to ourselves and our power, and with new insights into what we are here to do.

     In the tarot, 11 corresponds to the High Priestess. The high priestess governs the divine feminine, the watery, the numinous. She is heightened intuition and trust in the darkness. She is all about the deepest inner magic. The high priestess teaches us to follow our feelings and inner knowings rather than appearances or societal expectations. She helps us connect to our core emotions and believes, strengthening our ability to live honestly and authentically. Look back over your past year- can you identify where the high priestess was at work in your life? What lessons did you teach you? How can you bring those lessons forward with you into the new year?

     2019 is going to be a very different type of year, a 12 year (2+0+1+9=12). 12 is the number of completion. It is the sign of pisces, of the elder, of wisdom. It is a year for broad, big-picture reflections, mountain peaks, and long-awaited achievements. 12 years offer us an opportunity to both completely release the old and embrace the beginning of a new cycle.

     2019 is ruled by the Empress. The Empress awakens our consciousness to our highest potential. She lounges in a pomegranate dress, pearl necklace and crown of stars, armed with a sphere and a venus shield, surrounded by abundance earth and luxurious pillows.

She is the embodiment of easeful abundance and soft, sure power. She is the Divine Mother, the goddess, the creative force. She is Isis, Aphrodite, Persephone, Venus. She is the feminine rising. She teaches us that the strongest power lies in collaboration, intuition, communication, creativity, receptivity, compassion, and grace. She brings abundance, prosperity, and ease. She leads with creativity, sensuality. and passion.

During 2019, the Empress is here to help us take everything we learned in 2018 and create our new realities. She is bringing us into a state of greater lightness, joy, and creation. She will hold our hand as we step into our full, radiant power and wholeness. In her light, we will begin to see the profound jewels hidden in our hardest challenges and lessons of 2018.

Are you ready?


Alison Sherwood

It is the shortest day and the longest night. Midwinter. The sacred festival of rebirth. The deep, instinctual knowledge that out of the depths of the still darkness comes both the profound healing and the most illuminating insights. The understanding that that the darkness is where we plant our most potent seeds. The bone-bare awareness that the darkest night is a sign that the lightness is returning once again.


It is Yule, the Celtic sabbat observed on the winter solstice. It falls on the 21st of December, right in the midwinter, and marks the shortest day and longest night of the year. Ever since the summer solstice, the night has been swallowing up the day. Now, it is time for that pattern to reverse. After the 21st, the sun will once again stretch out its golden tendrils, elongating the days once more. Yule is a powerful reminder that no matter how deep the darkness, the light always comes back. Because of this, Yule is a time of rebirth, despite it being a long, frozen night.


It is a truth of life that oftentimes our brightest ideas, most powerful healing, and most core truths emerge from the darkest places. It is also true that the darkness is where we prepare for the light. Yule is a time to plant the seeds that will grow as the sun returns and blossom into brightness and expansion during the summer. It is an integral turning point in the year, where we have ascended to the deepest place and are now ready to begin the journey back up. However, to still have some hibernation to attend to- though the days are getting longer, the winter is not over yet. In order for the seeds we are planting to flourish, we must continue to rest and incubate them. During Yule we have a very beautiful, potent opportunity to go inwards to our deepest core and carefully choose what we are going to take back with us as we slowly circle back into the light. Below are three ways to observe this sacred day.


Yule Altar

One of the most magical ways to observe a sabbat is by making an altar. A few Yule symbols are: Holly, which symbolizes allowance of nature and nature spirits into your home during this time of frigid weather; wreaths, which symbolize the cyclicality of life (more on that below); and . Herbs of Yule are: ash, an herb of the sun which brings lightness into your life; rosemary, symbolizing strength and resilience; frankincense, a protective herb sacred to the Egyptian sun god Ra; and Evergreen boughs, symbolizing rebirth.


Some other items you may want to place on your altar are items that represent the sun and the light think candles, citrine, and sunflowers), red, green, or white crystals, antlers, cloves, and wreaths. Create your altar, and let it remind you of all of the beautiful, expansive seeds you are planting, and of all the lightness that is to come.


Yule Candle Magic

Candles- fire, warmth, light- are the perfect instruments for Yuletide magic making. For this ritual, you will need a white or light colored candle, some sort of incense or palo santo, charcoal, and dried herbs (thyme for courage, hawthorn berries for joy, mint for purification, rosemary for strength).


Twelve hours prior to the Winter Solstice, begin to prepare your energy and your sacred space with the incense, palo santo, sounds, however you feel drawn to. Be still and center yourself, calling upon any guides you wish to be with you for this ritual. Then light the charcoal, place it in a fireproof dish, and add the herbs. Light your candle, and meditate on the flame. Let your mind wander where it will. How do you feel? What do you notice? While gazing at the flame, bring to mind everything that you are nurturing inside of yourself right now. All of the dreams, plans, relationships. truths, art, and love your are birthing into the darkness. Once you feel complete, blow out the candle, thank the light, and journal.



Make a Wreath

A wreath is a circle with no beginning and no end-- much like life itself. They symbolize the cyclicality of life, the circular path that weaves in and out of darkness and light, guiding the highest evolution of our souls. In fact, the Celtic wheel of the year is often symbolized as a wreath made from evergreens. and has been depicted as such for thousands of years.


Wreaths are also beautiful and festive ways of bringing nature inside. The best way way to find materials for your wreath is to go on a walk in your backyard or a local park or forest and forage for evergreen branches, holly, mistletoe, pinecones, and any other seasonal foliage. If you can’t get outside, you can find greenery at a florist or even many grocery stores. Then arrange your foliage in a circular shape, either gluing it to some sort of circular structure, tying it with twine, or even simply arranging it in a circle on a table. As you are doing so, reflect on the cyclical nature of life, this past cycle and the cycle to come.


Alison Sherwood

Abundance. What comes to mind when you hear that word? Perhaps it’s a vision of a lavish home, with a fluffy bed and a warm bubbly lavender scented bath in a clawfoot tub. Maybe it’s a thriving business and a comfortable bank balance. Or maybe it’s travel and being able to explore the places you’ve always yearned to. Or maybe it’s a deep, passionate love with a never ending supply of laughter and kisses.


In ways both subtle and overt, we are so often taught that we aren't worthy of abundance. That wanting us makes us selfish. That we don't deserve it because we're not smart enough, pretty enough, talented enough, desirable enough (and the list goes on and on).


Of course, that is completely untrue. We are all worthy of abundance, simply because we exist. You are worthy of abundance, just as you are in this very moment. An abundance of money and resources. An abundance of love and affection. An abundance of laughter, joy and pleasure.


Certain stones and charms vibrate with the energy of abundance. They can help you work through any blocks you many have-- beliefs, patterns, or conditioning you have that is in the way of freely flowing abundance. They can elevate your sense of self worth, activate your creative fire, and strengthen your will so that you can create your life of abundance. They can increase your personal magnetism, drawing greater abundance into all areas of your life. Below are some of the charms and stones which carry the powerful frequency of abundance.


Abundance charms


✨ Dragons are incredibly powerful in assisting us to make changes, especially the kinds of radical changes that are so often needed to shift into an energy of abundance. They help strengthen our confidence and personal power, light our creative fire, and help us shift into an energy of freedom and liberation.


✨ Goddess charms will help connect you to your juicy inner feminine core, reminding you that everything you have ever needed and will ever need can be found right inside of yourself. The goddess vibrates with the energies of intuition, pleasure, and receptivity, helping you to cultivate an energy of abundance from deep within.


✨ Any gold or gold plates charms are wonderful amulets for abundance, as the energy of gold is one of potent prosperity attraction. It helps align your own energy with the energy of wealth, thus attracting more wealth into your energy field.


✨ Fish are and have been symbols of abundance, sustenance, and always having your basic needs met. In the Gospels of the Christian Bible, Jesus feeds an enormous crowd of hungry people with just a few small fish. They are a plentiful, renewable food source for many, and energetically fold the power of renewal, abundance and faith.


✨ Ganesh, known as the remover of obstacles, is one of the most prominent deities in the Hindu pantheon . His energy will assist you in clearing your path of any emotional, energetic, or external blocks to abundance.


Abundance crystals


✨ Pyrite just exudes luscious, lavish energy, and is a potent aid for manifesting and attracting wealth. It is very protective and empowering, which is quite beneficial for fostering the energy of abundance.


✨ Citrine is one of the most powerful crystals for abundance and prosperity. It activates your solar plexus, the center of your self-esteem and personal power, while also grounding your root, making it both stabilizing and empowering. It has been called "the merchant stone" as is particularly beneficial for creators and small business owners.


✨ Moss agate is a stone of true abundance. It vibrates with the frequencies of endurance and dedication, as well as prosperity and financial abundance. It also boosts your creativity and hopefulness, both vital to a life of abundance.


✨ Aventurine is a beautiful, loving stone of good luck, prosperity, and abundance. It is strongly connected to the heart, making it a wonderful ally in working through any emotional trauma or blocks around abundance and money.


✨ Green tigers eye activates your will and drive, lovingly propelling you forward on your path to create abundance. Like aventurine, it also has a calming energy that balances out it's more energizing, strengthening qualities.


Charms and stones have been used as amulets for abundance in different cultures throughout millenia . In ancient Egypt, for example, Pharaohs often wore abundance stones as jewelry to attract abundance to their kingdoms.

They serve to lift our entire energy up to one of abundance, clear any blocks that are in the way of what we are divinely worthy of, and attract what we truly desire into our lives. Whether you want to cultivate greater abundance in our career, finances, relationships, or personal joy and pleasure, wearing charms and stones that vibrate with the energies of abundance, on a Mala or a charm necklace or bracelet, will help you to embody prosperity and elevate the vibration of your entire life to one of magnetic, creative abundance.

Ways To Protect Yourself

Alison Sherwood

Storm clouds. Anxiety. Disconnection. Shadowy emotions.

Sometimes, negative energies make their way into our energy fields. Maybe we pick up those energies from a friend or family member, from someone on the bus ride home, or from something that happens in our own lives. We absorb the negative energy, and it swirls around inside of us until it becomes fear, or anxiety, or sadness, or anger. It makes everything feel hazy, makes it harder to connect with our hearts and our guides.
Certain charms and stones can protect you emotionally and energetically, cleanse you of unwanted vibrations, and guard your energy. Especially for healers, empaths, and highly sensitive people, energetic protection is vital, as we often pick up on other's energy, sometimes without even knowing. Below are some of the charms and stones which have the most potent protective power.

Protective Charms
✨ The Hamsa is a palm shaped symbol that represent the hand of god. It has been used as a protective amulet for centuries throughout the Middle East and and Northern Africa, and is also known as the Hand of Mary, the Hand of Miriam, and the Hand of the Goddess. It is thought to bring its owner happiness, luck, health, and safety.
✨ The Evil Eye is one of the most ubiquitous symbols in the world, dating back thousands of years. Many ancient cultures believed that wearing an evil eye would protect you against evil forces and negative energies. You can think of it as an energy that is going to “watch out” for you and guard you from harm.
✨ Angels wings are thought to be symbols of divine presence and protection. Angel wing charms carry the vibration of divine love and assurance, wrapping you up in that energy so that you are shielded from any negative or lower vibrational energies. Imagine the feeling of peace and protection you would get from being tucked under the wing of an angel- that is the energy that this charm emits.
Protective crystals
✨ Black tourmaline is incredibly grounding, helping you to come back into your body. It also soaks up stress and negative energy like a sponge, leaving you with a clear channel to the divine and an open, positive, centered energy field.
✨ Black kyanite works almost as a personal energetic force field, shielding you from unwanted energies. As it looks like a blade, you can imagine it cutting away negative energies and attachments. According to legend, Archangel Michael's sword was made from black kyanite.
✨ Citrine energizes your solar plexus, activating your personal power and resilience. It promotes strong boundaries and energetic strength, which helps you not absorb unwanted energies.
✨ Green jasper has been honored for millennia in different ancient civilizations as a powerful stone of protection. It is an excellent ally in emotionally or energetic overwhelm, as it is both calming and cleansing. It is especially potent when worn, as it helps ward off negative energy and calm your nervous system.
The wearing of protective amulets and talismans has been a sacred, powerful practice for centuries. They serve both to guard our energy field and emit vibrations of protection, and to remind us of the importance of guarding our energy. Wearing these protective charms and stones, whether on a mala or a charm necklace, will help you to embody your intention and anchor the vibration of protection in your energy field. Certain situations has be especially taxing for people, such as being in loud crowds or working in a less than ideal environment, but these situations cannot always be avoided. Wearing a protective charm helps to ground you no matter what.
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Skeleton Keys- Unlocking Your Path

Alison Sherwood

Skeleton Keys are ancient keys that have the power to unlock multiple locks. They have been used over many centuries and in many places in the world, both for protection and for opening the path ahead to new opportunities, clearing obstacles. Traditionally, keys symbolize knowledge, success, and passage, as well as freedom and liberation. Skeleton Keys specifically symbolize openings and passages. Opening up to new opportunities and experiences, passing into new realms of consciousness. They "unlock" the door to new ideas, buried knowledge, magical practices, and spiritual understandings. They are used to remove obstacles in your way and clear a path to your deepest desires and highest goals.


Over the years have been associated with certain deities. Skeleton Keys are most closely linked to Hecate, greek goddess of magic, witchcraft night, the moon, and ghosts. Essentially, all things transcendent and deeply magical. The ancient greek Orphic Hymn to Hekate underlines her role as the keeper of the key with the line "Unconquerable huntress hail! The world's key-bearer never doom'd to fail." Hecate is a fiercely protective goddess, and using a Skeleton Key (sometimes referred to as Hecate’s Key) is a way to wrap her protective energy around yourself. 


Skeleton Keys are also associated with Hestia, the Greek goddess of the hearth, home, and family; Janus, the the ancient Roman god of beginnings, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, and endings, classically depicted as having two heads facing in opposite directions, as if he is simultaneously looking to the past and the future; and Anubis. the ancient Egyptian god of the dead and guardian of the underworld. Again, these associations speak to a Skeleton Key’s ability to protect you both in general (as Hestia protects those in their homes) and as you embark on literal or metaphorical journeys and passages.  


Skeleton Keys are most often used as protective talisman and as amulets to open the way to new beginnings, clear blocks, and help one pass through a spiritual, emotional, or situational block. They are often called upon when one embarks on a journey, whether that be a literal sojourn or an emotional journey into the depths of one’s psyche. They are also invoked during important life portals, such as births, deaths, moves, breakups, and career changes.


 A powerful way to use a Skeleton Key in your own spiritual practice is to embed it with an intention for a journey or passage you are embarking on. First, identify the passage you are about to go through (or are going through). Maybe you are entering into a new phase with your business or career, your love life, or your healing. Maybe you are diving deeper into your spirituality or stepping into your power. 

Once you have identified your passage and your intention for that passage, take your Skeleton Key ( better yet, if you have a Hand Mala with a Skeleton Key use this ) and gather your journal and any other magical items (such as crystals, herbs, incense or candles) around you in your sacred space. Set the tone with your magical items, ground yourself, and begin to meditate holding your Hand Mala while focusing on your intention moving your thumb and middle finger over each bead of your Mala holding the key with your other hand.

 Imagine your intention flowing from you to the Key, as if you are infusing the key with this intention. Journal any feelings or insights that come up as you are doing this. Then, keep your Mala in a Scared place such as your altar or you carry her with you in a pouch ( but don’t let others touch your Mala)  as you embark on your passage, using it as a way to anchor and embody your intention for this time.


Celebrating Samhain

Alison Sherwood

To some, October 31 is know as Halloween. To others, All Hallows Eve. In Mexico, it marks the beginning of Día de los Muertos. To witches, pagans, and others who follow similar paths, this sacred time is known as Samhain. Samhain originated as an ancient Celtic Fire Festival, and is now popularly known as "Witches New Year." Samhain is the day when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest, and is focused on honoring, remembering and integrating the Dead through ritual and ceremony. Often, the Dead we honor are our ancestors, those who have passed recently, those who have gone before us and paved our way. However, it also includes all of the aspects of ourselves, our psyches, or our lives that we have released, outgrown, or let fall away. 


Seasonally, Samhain is the halfway point between the fall equinox and the winter solstice, and signals our descent into depth and darkness of winter time. It is  a time for big release and deep introspection and reflection before we continue our journey inward and prepare for our energetic hibernation. Below are two rituals that can be used to observe this sacred day.



Fire Releasing Ritual

Samhain is a beautiful time to release any outdated patterns, beliefs, ideas, or situation which are no longer serving us- and fire is one of the most powerful releasing tools there is. This Samhain, write out a list of everything you are ready to let go of- ideas, beliefs, situations, relationships, challenges, patterns, everything you can think of. Then, light that piece of paper on fire and throw it into a fireplace, fire safe pot or cauldron. As it burns to ashes, circle it clockwise and visualize everything you wrote being cleared away, carried by the smoke up into the sky to be alchemized into something new. Next, write out a list of everything you are calling in to the space you just created. You may wish to use some for of divination (such as tarot) for guidance on everything that is coming your way this next year. Keep a journal nearby to write down any emotions, thoughts, or bursts of enlightenment that come up.




Create a Samhain Ancestors' Altar

As the veil between worlds becomes ever more porous, we have an opportunity to communicate with our ancestors with more ease and openness than usual. Altars are incredible ways to physically anchor our intentions and magical practices. To create an Ancestors' Altar, gather photographs, items, or special mementos of the ancestor(s) that you wish to connect with. Then, arrange these items along with other magical items of your choosing. You may add candles (black candles are best for connecting with spirit realms), crystals (chrysocolla, petrified wood, bloodstone, amethyst, or celestite work best for this work), and herbs (rosemary for remembrance and protection and sage for wisdom and connection). 


When you want to connect with your altar, begin by offering your ancestor(s) some kind of libation (for example, if your grandmother loved chamomile tea, place a hot cup of chamomile tea on your altar) and then speak their names aloud, inviting them into your space, sending them love, and thanking them for being part of your life. Then, sit with your altar and see what comes through. You may bring up a specific issue or question, ask for guidance, or simply sit and feel their presence. You may wish to have a journal with you to keep record what comes through the veil. When connecting to spirit realms, it is important to also ground and protect yourself. Some of the best ways to do this are with protective crystals (black tourmaline, hematite, obsidian),  cast a circle of protection around yourself before beginning to connect with your altar, and burning palo santo, sage, or protective frankincense incense. 

I'd love to hear how you celebrate !